Friday, April 27, 2012

Music For Life Episode 11 - Flute Choir, String Chamber Ensemble, Musical Theatre, Voice Faculty

Valentin LanzreinThis week, we look at this week's upcoming Flute Choir concert with the amazing contrabass flute, and we chat with our String Chamber Ensemble about their upcoming concert.
The Question You Never Asked answers "What is a concertmaster?"
Answering this week's 5-Minute iPod, we feature our choral conductor, Greg Ristow.
We speak with three of our seniors graduating from DePauw in May, and chat with Theatre Professor Tim Good about his work with the School of Music, producing Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods this fall. And we talk to two of our voice faculty members, Pamela Coburn and Valentin Lanzrein, soloists in our final concert of the academic year!

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