Sunday, April 27, 2014

Music For Life Episode 61 - Musical Theater Scenes, Senior Seminar Topics, Percussion at Peeler, Choir/Orchestra Performance

In this week's episode of Music for Life...

Steven Linville and some Musical Theater Scenes students tell us about their semester-ending extravaganza...
Steven Linville
Steven Linville

we hear from some students preparing their final projects in Senior Seminar...

Dan Hickey and I chat about an interesting composition project he recently finished...

Katie talks to percussion professor Bonnie Whiting and students Zack Jacobs and Andrew Bosomworth about this year's Percussion at Peeler concert...

and looking forward to our end-of-year choir and orchestra performance of Poulenc's Gloria, I talk to those groups' conductors, professors Orcenith Smith and Greg Ristow!


From the Student Recital Hour of April 23, 2014, soprano Hannah Gauthier and pianist Tony Weinstein perform Leonard Bernstein's "I Hate Music!"

From the Student Recital Hour of April 23, 2014, Gwen Eberts performs Malcolm Arnold's "Fantasy for bassoon."

From the Woodwinds Galore concert of April 22, 2014, a saxophone quartet composed of Elizabeth King on soprano, Alex Dunlap on alto, Melissa Guerrero on tenor, and Sterling Brooks on baritone perform the "Swing" movement of Gordon Goodwin's piece "Diffusion."

Also from the Woodwinds Galore concert, DePauw's Clarinet Ensemble along with bassist Connor Allen and percussionist Andrew Bosomworth perform the "Itmar Freilach" movement from Alexis Ciesla's "Klezmer Suite."

From their performance of April 21, 2014, the DePauw Trombone Choir performs Eric Ewazen's "Grand Canyon Suite."

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