Sunday, November 23, 2014

Music For Life Episode 73 - Holiday Gala, DePauw Chamber Players, University Orchestra, Percussion at Peeler, Woodwind Ensembles

In this episode of Music For Life...

Eric Edberg gives us a preview of the upcoming DePauw Chamnber Players concert...
Bonnie Whiting
Bonnie Whiting

Orcenith Smith tells us what he's planning for the orchestra's annual Thanksgiving concert...

Anne Reynolds lets us know about this year's woodwind bash...

Bonnie Whiting talks about Percussion at Peeler...

and Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray converses with Mark about the upcoming Holiday Gala!


From the Dvorak and America Festival, pianist Erin Tolar performs the fourth, in F-Major, of Antonin Dvorak's Humoresques, op. 101.
Also from the Dvorak and America Festival, the DePauw Chamber Singers under the direction of Kristina Boerger perform Arthur Farwell's "Pawnee Horses." 
From the Green Guest Artists Series concert of November 7, 2014 in Kresge Auditorium, Trio Globo performs "Lumbriga." 
From their concert of November 7, 2014, Trio Globo and vocalist Loire perform "Alchemy." 
Concluding this episode, from their concert of November 7, 2014, Trio Globo and Loire perform "Miriam's Prophecy."

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